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スターチャンネル (4/13 4/15)レモニー・スニケットの世にも不幸せな物語
スターチャンネル (4/20 4/29)クレイマー、クレイマー
スターチャンネル (4/27)恋におちて


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The Meryl Streep Forum さんより  Cast Interview -1/2- 


(1:40) 第10位 パパは誰?

―― Let's kick off a musical countdown with the number 10 most excellent thing about "Mamma Mia!"
Meryl : Who's her daddy?
―― "Mamma Mia!" is the story of Sophie a bride to be who has never known her father, unbeknownst to her mother, Sophie invites 3 possible dads to the wedding hoping her true father shows up.
Meryl : The daughter goes to her mother's diary and invites these 3 characters to show up at the wedding.
Christine : Meryl Streep finds out to her horror that all 3 of her ex-lovers if showed up on a little island in Greece where she runs and in.
Amanda : and love happens everywhere.
Phyllida : "Mamma Mia!" is a story really about identity is about a girl who's never known your father is, who thinks that if she can find that missing part of herself, she will feel complete.
Christine : it's an ingenious story with a lot of emotion to it but I'm telling you what is really outstanding as you have one of ABBA hit after another.
Pierce : Everyone has danced "Dancing Queen", the music is so really great.
Amanda : The stories created around the ABBA music.
It's infused with a hundred percent, it really is it's one of the major stars in this movie.

(3:35) 第9位 アマンダ・サイフリッド

―― Get ready to have a little crush on excellent thing number 9.
Big love for Amanda Seyfried.
――She's been in "Mean Girls", and she has 3 mams on the HBO hit "Big Love", but 23-year-old Amanda Seyfried never imagined she'd get three dads as Sophie, the star of "Mamma Mia!"
Amanda : I always wanted to do a musical but I never thought I'd actually get the opportunity, and when "Mamma Mia!" was announced I jumped at the chance to audition.
Benny : If I was still in the record business that accompany outsider because she is so special and voices, she's very sensitive and she's great.
Meryl : She's deceptively tiny and she has a little tiny speaking voice, it's very soft. She opens her mouth she's got one of the great pop, big voices, I mean she is... she really rocks that she can really sing.
Amanda : My favorite song I performing in movie is definitely "Lay All Your Love" because it's fun to do and it's exciting and was on the beach.
Dominic : She's got an incredible voice but my song --??-- the drowning rough...
Judy : She's mixing, she's angelic, she's beautiful and she has the most amazing voice, I think Amanda is an actress with a great future.

(5:15) 第8位 何といってもABBA

―― Go ahead dance, dive. Have the time of your life with the excellent thing at number 8.
Pierce : Everyone love a little ABBA, don't you, I love a little ABBA and I've always loved the little ABBA.
―― Straight out of Sweden in the 70s, ABBA became one of the biggest pop groups of all time and 30 years later it's just as a terrific as ever.
Amanda : ABBA's music is as a drug, it really can take you into this positive space in an instant. It's hard not to want to scream dance when I was into it, it really sucked me and fast.
Meryl : I'm an unknowing ABBA fan because I didn't know who wrote that music, and I listen to... new, every single word and every song. They just sort of boom back like from your past and continue to have a pole and a strength.
Phyllida : We're very very lucky in "Mamma Mia!", you know, most musicals are lucky if they have one hits song, and think about "Mamma Mia!" is that virtually every song is a hit.
―― ABBA co-founder Benny Andersson and "Mamma Mia!" director Phyllida Lloyd made the decision early on that everyone in the cast would sing the ABBA hits themselves.
Benny Andersson : that called the guys from the old band, everybody that played in the... the ABBA tracs. The actors came in and they did their habit fairly easily... I'm say all of them.
Christine : I've never done anything that made me feel like a rock chicks so that was just... like a sound studio with ABBA.
Benny Andersson : I was thinking maybe this is... this is gonna be like a work but it wasn't, it was just pure fun.

―― Coming up the Oscar winner with the golden voice.
Benny Andersson : Meryl Streep such a wonderful singer and she is a miracle.
―― and why no one can resist a mam of "Mamma Mia!"
Meryl : they just thought they were kings of the world, well they were surrounded by all these women falling over them.
―― Next on 10 most excellent things "Mamma Mia!"

(7:35)  第7位 メリル・ストリープ

――The mamma in "Mamma Mia!" is the number 7 most excellent thing.
Pierce : meet mamma Meryl, --??--
―― When it came to casting the part of Donna, Sophie's mam, and ex-lead singer of Donna and dynamos, the producers knew they wanted the best Meryl Streep.
And that it turns out not only were the creators Meryl fans but Meryl was a fan of "Mamma Mia!"
Meryl : I saw it shortly after it open, it's really fantastic. so I wrote to them a letter.
Judy : still actually have it in my last tray on my desk, saying that she loved the show so much. Which is why we dared to ask her to consider playing the role of Donna in the movie.
Meryl : I couldn't belive that they wanted me to do this part and I was so thrilled, I kept asking "Are you sure? Are you sure?"
Benny Andersson : Meryl Streep is such a wonderful singer and she makes their own thing I must say that they're all good but she's a miracle.
Judy : "The Winner Takes It All" beautifully done by Meryl and I doubt there will be a dry eye in the house and they say.
Pierce : she was enjoyed, easy to fall in love with, easy to work with, easy to kiss, dance, have fun with.
Meryl : at certain point I thought I was just doomed to do nothing but dramas but I've been having some fun in movies lately and this is right up there in the top experiences of my life.

(9:25) 第6位 3人のパパ候補

―― here to prove you can't have too much of a good thing, it's excellent thing number 6.
Amanda : 3 men and lovely lady.
―― Sophie's possible dads to be not only at humor and talent to the mix but this trio of hunky dudes provided a whole a lot of eyecandy as well.
Meryl : 3 potential fathers and they are Stellan Skarsgård, Pierce Brosnan, and Colin Firth. They were so much fun and they actually bonded among themselves in a sort of alarming way.






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