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※ ボックスオフィス・マガジンのWade Majorの解説がいくつかあって、これも興味深いです(^^)

相変わらずヽ(´∀`)ノ 英文は聞き取れていないところもあり、間違いもあります。和訳は自分の忘備録としてインタビュー部分を中心に記載(参考程度にお願いします)。


(Movie Star Documentaries) Meryl Streep | Actress Documentary

Jim Carrey
She has so many moves, so many little things she does that are really subtle and beautiful, and she's great.
Renee Zellweger
She's just so warm, and so funny and so generous...
Jeff Goldblum
What is a talented, so... she has a flair for making a made up situation really, you know, and inventively freely makes it true, you know, she is great.
 have a flair for ~の才能を持っている

――Meryl Streep was a 2 times Oscar winner according to Wade Major senior film critic for box-office magazine, Meryl perfected an ability to morph into a role.
 morph into ~に変身する
Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine)
What's an amazing about Meryl Streep is that she's able to completely shed who she is, and completely take on whatever the role of performance, it is that she's required to take on. Most actors if you look at the many given performance you'll see a little bit of their mannerisms who they are. if you know what they are as a person, you'll see that in their performance. Meryl Streep somehow is able to just let who she is go and completely take on the role and that's... that's a rare talent. 


――She was born Meryl Luise Streep on June 22, 1949 in Summit, New Jersey. Meryl studied to be an Opera singer. She graduated Cum Laude from Vassar, received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale. Her 1st professional acting job was on stage. In 1977, a bit screen debut was opposite Jane Fonda and a true story about play writer Lillian Hellman "Julia". In 1978 Streep married with scolpter Don Gummar. And then her 1st Oscar nomination was "Deer Hunter", in 1979 their son has born. Meryl had 3 movies releases including Woody Alen's "Manhattan", the political drama "The Seduction of Joe Tynan", and the divorce drama "Kramer vs Kramer", Streep won her 1st Oscar for "Kramer vs Kramer".

Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine)『クレイマー、クレイマー』
(2:42) You're supposed to feel sorry for the mother in those situations, the woman is always the easy one to feel for, and ... the film was constructed to make you not feel so much for her. But rather than go either way, she brought this... this storm of conflicting the emotions to the part that I don't think anybody really believe was in material, to begin with.


――2 years after, her 1st Academy award Streep received another Oscar nomination for the romance "The French Lieutenant's Woman", her next release the mystery thriller "Still of the Night". Tries to duplicate the look of an Alfred Hitchcock's film, but Meryl wasn't used her full potential.

Meryl 『殺意の香り』
(3:20) "Still of the Night" that was something, that was noir film. My whole character was about my hair and how it caught the light from the Venetian blind and I found it incredibly boring and so boring is... hard.


――Another 1982 release "Sophie's Choice" proved to be more challenging. Meryl mastered a polish accent and how to speak German. Streep played a Nazi concentration camp survivor in "Sophie's Choice" which was another Oscar winning for her.

Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine) 『ソフィーの選択』
That was when everybody first suddenly realized just what a chameleon she could be. They knew she was a good actress, but with "Sophie's Choice" it was suddenly, they suddenly became aware of the fact that she could do anything,, the accent and everything about that performance was so completely contrary to everything she had done before, that... you know how do you not give her an Oscar for her.


――"Sophie's Choice" co-star with Kevin Klain. The following year Streep and her husband had a baby girl, and she's impressed audiences with an Oscar nominated performance in "Silkwood" as a nuclear plant employee who dies under mysterious in circumstances. Streep was now a household name, she was playing opposite famous actors including Robert De Niro in "Falling in love", and Sam Neil in "Plenty". Robert Redford worked with her in "Out of Africa" which another Oscar nomination. Next Jack Nicolson co-stared with her in "Heartburn". Streep starred with a child in the movie. Then in real life, Meryl gave birth to another baby girl. Her next another Oscar nominated performance opposite Jack Nicolson was as a homeless person in "Ironweed".
  household name 誰でもよく知っているおなじみの名前

Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine) 『黄昏に燃えて』
(4:56) For her to do what she did "Ironweed" with Jack Nicolson was to my mind probably one of the most daring things ever, she is a homeless woman, she is a woman who's down and out. It's one of the most... dressed down rugged raw performances of her career, and she turned that performance in a time when by rights she should have been going for more glamorous.


――Streep was also far from glamorous in her next Oscar nominated role, "A cry in the dark", she portrays a real-life Australian woman charged with a murder of her baby. Meryl's baby daughter accompanied with her on the set.

Meryl 『クライ・イン・ザ・ダーク』
(5:30) But I was in Australia shooting... "Evil Angels" I think call it there, "A cry in the dark". I was so fascinated by the aboriginal mothers. We were shooting in Alice Springs, the families that were in our film and the little bitty kids never moved away from the mother. My... I had a 3 years old with me and she every time I let go over hand, she would take off into the bush and just get, you know, there's everything spiky and spiny. And I thought she was... you know, I drove me insane...


――Streep's memorable line in "A cry in the dark", "The Dingo took my baby!" became useful catch phrase. After working in Australia, Streep as mother decided to stay close to home for her children sick. And following so many dramas she wanted to make a comedy. In 1989 comedy "She devil", filmed near her home in NY, now 40 years old, Meryl played the other woman romance novelist. Then she did her own singing for comedy "Postcards from the edge" written by Carrie Fisher. Meryl portrays a second generation actors who is forced to live with her mother.

Meryl 『ハリウッドにくちづけ』
(6:36) It's about making her way back to real life without drugs and out from under the shadow of her mother. To me it was interesting cue, because I'm a famous person and it's about being the daughter of a famous person. So I have a... sort of unnatural interesting subject.


――Meryl enjoyed filming "Postcards from the edge" in Los Angeles.
Now I realize why people made movies here for years and years and years. Because it's really lovely to makes films here. It's easier, I mean the weather's good all the time and you can go home at night...

――Meryl earned another Academy award nomination for "Postcards from the edge". One year later she and husband had another baby girl. On screen she returned comedy playing the woman Albert Brooks meets in the after life in "Defending Your Life". Then Streep continue to the comedy genre with "Death becomes her ", co-star Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn. It's about 2 female rivals who take an immortality potion, "Death becomes her" won the visual effects Oscar. Next she was on the role in the drama again, traveling from Denmark to Portugal for "The House of the Spirits", Gren Close co-star.

Then Streep tried something completely different, becoming an action star in the adventure "The River Wild", in order to play a river rafting guide, she learned how to navigate class 4 rapids.

Meryl 『激流』
(8:07) Physically it was very I needed a lot of stamina and... kind of courage that I haven't had to call up before, I mean not just emotional courage although, this is sort of ended up being very emotional movie, but physically that the challenge was to be able to read the water and understand how to move through it safely.


――Streep had to act while rafting through whitewater, she played a river guide taken hostage by own problems.

Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine)『激流』
(8:43) Nobody ever really expects great actors to become action stars or necessarily vice versa those are 2 different camps. So from Meryl to actually become physical to say I think I can do, you know, what action stars do, I can do what... what the boys do, that was extraordinary, no one never expected that from.


――After bumping up with "the River Wild", Meryl gave weight to middle age farmer wife in "The Bridges of Madison County". The romance directed by and co-staring Clint Eastwood on based on bestseller novel. "The Bridges of Madison County" performed well at the box-office and Meryl was nominated for another academy awards. The next drama "Before and After" is about her son who is accused of murder, another drama "Marvin's Room" focuses on a family that reunites after sisters diagnosed with leukemia. Dean Keaton and Robert De Niro co-star. Her next release "Dancing at Lughnasa" which based on Tony awards-winning broadway play. Meryl portrays one of 5 unmarried sisters role in Ireland.. Next, she played a mother died of cancer "One true thing", Renee Zellweger was her daughter.

Meryl 『母の眠り』
(9:45) It's about something every human being should know which is... you know, wake up and smell the flowers be here now, be in your life and appreciate you have.
Renee Zellweger
It's a nice room at reminder to not take for the granted that people who love you and the contribution that they make in your life.


――We need to know what your attended the ceremony as Meryl received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Meryl ハリウッド・ウォーク・オブ・フェーム
(10:20) When I first came to Hollywood I was 19 and I was somebody's date for spring vacation who lived here and we walked along this exact route and I walked over all sorts of people then I never in my widest dreams thought I'd be walking over me at some point.
I have my star on the Walk of Fame today and that little ceremony is like a small town ceremony. It's really sweet!


――Oscar-winner Meryl Streep submitted herself in in history. Now 50 years old she would character roles to play some music teacher fighting the borad of education to teach underprivileged kids in her 1999 release "Music of the Heart".

Streep learn to play the violin for "Music of the hart" and she earned another Oscar nomination. Next she voiced a character in the futuristic sci-fi Pinocchio story Artificial Intelligence "A.I." She plays blue Mecca, the drama's version of blue fairy. Also in 2001 Meryl and her family moved to N.Y. The following year, she had two December releases "Adaptation" and "The Hours".

Meryl 『アダプテーション』と『めぐりあう時間たち』
(11:30) "Adaptation" was just a joy from beginning to end. I shot both of the films back to back. And "The Hours" was very difficult but this one I learned in southern California and sort of didn't stop smiling from the minute we started shooting.

――Streep plays an author whose book is adapted as a screenplay and adaptation. Her portrayal earned in Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win.
Meryl : It's very unexpected and so I'm completely the rug has been pulled out from under me.
(You look very glamorous right now!)
Meryl : Thank you. Don't get near me I smell like a camel.

――"Nervous and happy", Streep talked about her other 2002 release "The Hours" focusing on 3 women.
It's actually amazingly fluid, the fluid movie but the emotions that are swept along in that current are really deep and so I just had to keep myself all tightly coiled all the time which was rough.


――"The Hours" was the best picture Oscar nominee. In 2003 Meryl and her husband Don Gummer celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. She also won another Golden Globe award for her work on the television miniseries about AIDS crisis "Angels in America".
Meryl  『エンジェルス・イン・アメリカ』
I'm really really proud of this piece maybe more than anything I've done.

――"Angels in America" was the most watched cable show 2003. Streep followed with a remake of "The Manchurian Candidate" directed by Jonathan Demme. She plays the mother of a vice Presidential Candidate in the political thriller.
Meryl 『クライシス・オブ・アメリカ』
(12:59) I felt so confident in this piece of material. It's a thrilling bit of writing and it's in the hands of a master director.

Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine)
Meryl has done a very good job of transforming herself into a character actress, it's almost like it's liberator. She's found the out from that curse of not being able to continue a career as you get older and she's doing colorful roles, supporting roles that she probably never would have been allowed to do when she was younger.


――Another character in the family film "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" was fun because of co-star Jim Carrey.
Meryl 『レモニー・スニケットの世にも不幸せな物語』
(13:40) He does most of the work for you, you know, he's so funny and the problem working with him is not laughing during the movie, you know, you just gotta hold your breath and get though the scene.
Jim Carrey
It's a little nerve-racking as an actor, you know, you just want to make sure she likes you or something, I don't know what is just some part of you that wants to be accepted.


――"Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" was a box office success earning more than 180 million dollars in the U.S. Streep returned to comedy for her next movies "Prime," she is a psychoanalyst whose son falls in love with her patient. Bryan Greenberg and Uma Thurman co-star.

Uma Thurman 『プライム』
Watching her work when I was younger inspired me to be an actress, and to sit down opposite her and be in the same scene with her could be, you know, very daunting just from that aberration level. But in the end she is just a sort of wonderful beautiful person.
Brayan Greenberg
She's very funny, she's very quickly in real life. I think this lets a little bit of that out.
(14:52) When I read the script I did not know what was coming and I thought, this is an interesting story about a shrink was really trying to help this young woman. and she has problems with her son, I can relate, you know, and then it all kind of explode. It's very funny.


――Streep relied on her own motherly instincts for "Prime".
Meryl 『プライム』
It's hard to, you know, let go of those desires to mother and to correct and to help, and I don't think it matters if you're a shrink or professor or, you know, the president of United States, probably it's hard no matter when this moment happens in a parent's life from the child goes on.
shrink 精神科医、カウンセラー
――"Prime" Streep only release in 2005, then the actress who barely made more than one film a year had three releases in 2006. She sang for her role in "A Prairie Home Companion", plays a top of New York fashion magazine editor in "The Devil Wears Prada".

Meryl 『プラダを着た悪魔』
(15:50) To me, it's the story of a woman in corporate at the head of the corporate ladder who's misunderstood whose motives and the pressures on her are intense, and who doesn't have a time to play certain nice game, she plays other games make good business sense.


――"Devil Wears Prada" co-star Anne Hathaway plays Streep's assistant in the film, it's a coincidence that in real life both Streep and Hathaway attended Vassar.
Anne Hathaway
That was kind of speechless when I first met her, so she's like seeing --?-- so we... it gave us a little bit of conversation.
――Because there's tension between Streep's and Hathaway's characters, Meryl Streep aloof on the set
Anne Hathaway
She was really focused in her character so she wasn't really herself on the set and Meryl as a woman is so warm and gregarious and maternal and lovely just lovely, and onset she was just she said tried it and she isolated herself estate very quiet and that we understood why she warned me about it before the movie started that she might do that.


――Streep earn 5 million dollars for "The Devil wears Prada" and the movie surpassed expectations to make 39 million dollars, its opening weekend, despite stiff some of competition. And Meryl was nominated for another Oscar. Streep 3rd release of 2006, "The Ant Bully" is an animated feature in which she plays the Queen Ant and then Meryl work with her daughter Mammie Gummer, the drama "Evening" that same year Streep prepared in the thriller "Rendition" Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. She also co-starred with Tom Cruise in the war drama for "Lions for Lambs" directed by Robert Redford.


Meryl 『大いなる陰謀』
(17:30) It is a film about making the right choices but it's also a film about how easy it is not to make a choice at all, just to go to a dinner party and bark about what you think politically this... this is buddy, this is person's fault this is person's fault. And not do anything about it yourself.


――"Lions for Lambs" about competent leader sending soldiers into battle.
Robert Redford
(17:53) Whenever I get into a political type film, you... you end with a question rather than answer. I don't think it's us to give answers, too pedantic. And also I don't think American response. I think they like to be told what they have to do particularly by the entertainment. But to be able to provoke thought, that's another matter into it, dramatically entertain them, that's another matter, that's sort of my objective.
Tom Cruise
What attracted me to it was that it was a piece of film that didn't tell me how to think, it invited me to participate.


――Streep's big screen characters in 2008 were complete opposites, she's a mom whose daughter tries to find her real father in the romantic musical comedy "Mamma Mia!". And she plays a nun who suspects a priest of child abuse in the drama "Doubt". Her "Doubt" costume helped Meryl understand the character.


(18:42) Putting on the habit in the morning layer upon layer, it just sort of... get you back into the world and it was sort of it did the work of preparation for me, just the active of dressing.
――Amy Adams co-stars in "Doubt" as a young nun.
Amy Adams
Sister James has nobody else to talk to. She is completely isolated, you're not allowed to leave your convent, you're not allowed to speak to a priest outside of... outside of confession, so the scene in the garden with father Flynn is completely forbidden.


――Meryl's performance of "Doubt" led to an Oscar nomination, she followed with another Academy Award Nominating performance as TV chef Julia Child in "Julie & Julia".

Meryl 『ジュリー&ジュリア』
(19:34) She was so authentically herself no apologies and she had a great love of life and a great spirit sort of "joie de vivre" that was infectious.
joie de vivre(仏語)生きる喜び
――"Julie & Julia" intertwined the life story of Julia Child, Julia Powell and internet bloggers who cooks all the recipes from Child's foods book. Meryl's "Doubt" co-star Amy Adams work with .
Amy Adams
What's so great about this films sort of it looks... it's to develop the relationships that... you have marriages and this wonderfully supportive man.
――During "Julie & Julia" premier Adams talked about working with Streep.
Amy Adams
Meryl is to Amy what Julia Child is to Julie Powell, and she's this great influence and this presence that there're even when she isn't. She cleared the path for others to take and... for lucky enough to walk down the road, I consider myself very lucky.


――Because "Julie & Julia" is about cooking, the stars own culinary expertise was questioned.
(20:45) I'm not such a good cook and I got better on this movie, everybody's happier home.

――Meryl said she gained 15 pounds going to a Julia Child, she followed her Oscar nominated performance in "Julie & Julia", by voicing the character in "Fantastic Mr.Fox".

Next, Streep co-starred with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin in the romantic comedy "It's complicated". Now in her 60s. Meryl often makes 2 to 4 movies a year. Meryl Streep success made her industry legend. Now the popular actress begins the next stage of her career.

Wade Major(Boxoffice Magazine)
She had all of these opportunities available to her in the eighties leading lady, now that she's moving into character and also supporting roles, I don't think there's any limit to what she's going to be able to.


Oh my god, it's just thrilling.

Thank you for watching this Meryl Streep edition of the Movie Star...

Meryl Streep






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